Featured Artist: Shawn Coss...Disturbingly Creative!

Artist Page: http://skinpupcoss.deviantart.com/

A recent graduate of nursing, Shawn keeps busy working as a full time Merch Designer for the popular webcomic Cyanide & Happiness as well as co-owner of the new brand Any Means Necessary (www.facebook.com/pages/Any-Means-Necessary/120445951333213)" with fellow friend and akronite Michael Nemitz. We met Shawn through Mikey a few years ago in Akron and were immediately impressed not only by his talent but by his creativity. The creatures that come out of this guy are absolutely mind-blowing!

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The History: 
I was born in England on an US Air Force base, I have been drawing since as far as I can remember. Being the typical geeky kid with bottle cap glasses and awkward thoughts, you tend to have a lot of time on your own so what better way to waste time than to draw. I started off with dinosaurs, moving on to video game characters, and finally got enough courage to let out the creatures that were hiding in my head.

Being severely ADHD (diagnosed, not self proclaimed by the way haha) I am constantly flooded with thoughts and images that tend to be having a massive orgy in my mind until I can finally get them out onto paper.

I have a healthy problem of starting too many pieces at once and trying to finish them all as quickly as possible so that I can move onto the next. My work lately has been focused on religion , politics, and realities real and surreal.

Official Hink Questionnaire 
If you could go anywhere, where would you like to travel?
I would love to travel to New Zealand. Or Heaven, I heard they have great massages there.

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration? 
I find it hard to claim one inspiration as art is created and inspired by the culmination of our influences. My stew of influence include: Tool, Alex Pardee, Menton, Scott Versago, Chet Zar, Derek Hess

What artistic tool could you not live without?
My mind

What was your favorite school lunch? 
Fiestada pizza on fridays. That shit was fucking awesome.

How do you want to be remembered?
I would like to know that my art helped someone through a time of their life, whether it made them smile on a sad day or prevented them from harming themselves. Contrary to my themes, they all have positive messages of hope and I wish that all people could live without pain and suffering.

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Thanks Shawn!