Featured Artist: Dan "Young Jedi" Adams!

Artist Page: http://flavors.me/young_jedi#efc/linkedin

We met Dan over a year ago while recording Skycase's album at The Bridge Sound and Stage. He is an incredibly talented engineer and we are excited to introduce him today!

Originally from New York, Dan “Young Jedi” Adams moved to Boston in 2007 to pursue his recording career. He went to school at CDIA @ Boston University in the Audio Production Program and after several studio internships, Young Jedi was lucky to land at The Bridge Sound and Stage.  Thanks to Owen Curtin and  Janos “The Arcitype” Fulop, the owners of The Bridge, he has had bunch of cool opportunities to work with handful of artists including assistant engineering for Jordan Knight of New Kids on The Block, recording Amanda Palmer Live @ The Bridge, as well as mixing Keane, David Gray and Sheryl Crow Live @ The Bridge for 92.5 The River.

"Right now I've been doing a lot of work with Classic Records. We got a lot of exciting things happening and in the works. January we released VICEVERSAH’s Shine not burn. We also just released AR Classic Records Presents: The B-Side which is a free EP and we are working on finishing up The High Life First EP and Dominik Omega’s first full length Album A Moment in time."

Find him here: http://flavors.me/young_jedi, here http://www.arclassicrecords.blogspot.com/ and here, http://thebridgesoundstage.com/"

You can also follow him on Twitter @darealyoungjedi

Official Hink Questionnaire 
If you could go anywhere, where would you like to travel?
I would really like to go to Europe. It be cool to travel with an act doing live sound for a couple months, being able to see a bunch of countries in short a period. Can’t be away from the studio for too long. Haha

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration? 
I would have to say working with talented people. I have been doing a lot work with AR Classic Records and I gotta say working with those guys is just plain fun. It’s always a plus when the music is dope too. When artists bring their A-game I think, as an engineer you gotta step your game up too

What artistic tool could you not live without? 
A good microphone

How do you want to be remembered? 
As a good engineer who made dope music.

Thanks Dan!