Summer 2016: Meet Jake, our new intern

Hi Everyone! My name is Jake Schlehuber and I am currently interning at Hink Creations for the summer.  I will be starting my senior year this fall at Lesley University College of Art and Design where I am majoring in design and minoring in biology. When I’m not at school or designing you can find me playing music, making coffee, fishing, or driving around to find new places to explore. When I found Hink Creations I knew it would be the perfect place to intern at for it combined my love for design and music. I have already learned so many new things and worked on some pretty awesome projects with Niki. I can’t wait to help Niki and Ryan out throughout the summer and learn from them as much as I can. I know this summer is going to be a blast and I couldn’t be happier here at Hink Creations.

- Jake

Announcing our new partnership with BEARWALK

I met Brian and Daniela of BEARWALK at a friend's birthday dinner a few years ago and as they say, that was that. Finding another couple with a budding creative business was unique enough, but once we had talked for a while, I felt like I had known them for years. Their passion, curiosity and style mirrored our own and it was kind of love at first site.

They recently worked with us on our very first Hink video and the collaboration was just too good to ignore. And since we all want the best experience for our clients, we've decided to make the partnership official. We at Hink are very, very excited for the amazing work to come!

Summer 2015: Meet Scott, our new intern

Hello all, my name is Scott Halloran, the new graphic design intern here at Hink Creations. I am very excited to intern here this summer, but first here is a little about myself. I am about to enter my senior year at the Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge. I play drums in a few bands and spend all of my free time playing music, designing or drinking coffee. I came across Hink Creations one day during a google search for a music related design studio. After hours and hours of searching with no luck, I found Hink and was immediately drawn in. It is the only studio that combined recording, graphic design, and photography as far as I know. After meeting Niki and Ryan I knew this was the place for me. 

It is going to be a busy but very fun summer here at Hink Creations and I look forward to showing everyone what we will be working on!