New Intern!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Adam Sareen and I am proud to be Hink Creation’s new graphic design intern! This coming fall I will be a junior at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York where I am majoring in graphic design and interactive design. The first 2-3 months before summer vacation are not only busy because of finals/portfolio reviews but they are also months of much anxiety to land the best internship I can.

When I came across Hink’s website and read about what they do I was instantly interested.  Not only does Hink offer design services but they also offer audio recording and production services! How cool! This was a place where my love for design side and my love for music side could be united. I knew this was a place I would love to work at (and I was right!).

I have only been working for about 2-3 weeks but already, Niki has exposed me to multiple client based projects and has also taught me some really valuable lessons that I would never have learned/or will learn in college. I have also seen where Ryan records and produces his clients’ music and it is quite the set up. I can’t wait to learn more, to work side by side with Niki and Ryan, and see how this summer unfolds with Hink Creations!

Until the next time!

Adam Sareen

Hink Creations

Design Intern