Featured Entrepreneur: Panos Panay, Sonicbids CEP!

Date: Wed, 3 Aug2011
Featured Entrepreneur Panos Panay, Sonicbids CEP
Artist Page: http://www.sonicbids.com/

This week, we are delighted to feature Panos Panay, the founder and CEO of Sonicbids!

Panos came to America in 1991 from the country of Cyprus to attend Berklee College of Music. The idea for Sonicbids came to him while reading the book Blur: The Speed of Change in the Connected Economy by Stan Davis and he decided to go for it in September of 2000. Read more about how Sonicbids came to be Sonicbids | Our Story at http://about.sonicbids.com/about-sonicbids/our-story.

"I didn't think I could cut it as a guitarist so I ended up studying Music Business, which led to an internship at a Boston talent agency. Within a year or so, in 1995, I found myself booking all the European tours for some of my idols, people like Pat Metheny and Chick Corea and Sonny Rollins – a jazzhead's dream."

Panos has been featured in countless articles and magazines including an entire Chapter in Jim Champy's Outsmart!. In 2005 Panos was named one of Fast Company Magazine's "Fast 50" entrepreneurs and he is currently serving on a number of non-profit boards including Boston Young Entrepreneurs (which he co-founded); Berklee College of Music's Presidential Advisory Council; and BostonWorldPartnerships, chaired by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

Be sure to check out his blog "Panos' Brew" http://panosbrew.sonicbids.com/ and his answers to our:

Official Hink Questionnaire

What is your favorite place to travel?

My home country of Cyprus. I love the beach that I practically grew up on, Protaras.

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration?

Reading and walking through museums or ancient ruins.

What artistic tool could you not live without?

My imagination

What was your favorite school lunch?

My dad’s halloumi (Cypriot cheese), tomato, cucumber and lounza (Greek cured meat) sandwich

How do you want to be remembered?</strong>

When I was a kid I used to lie awake obsessing about how I could live a life that would make me remembered 1,000 years after I die. Lofty goal, eh?


Besides running a company that helps artists of all shapes and sizes get gigs, Panos is a great guy, a generous source of business knowledge and from what I hear, a descent soccer... I mean.. football player!

Thanks Panos!!!